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   VitalWear Systems

Reduce pain and swelling anywhere in the body, without drugs in one breakthrough device. The VitalWear System delivers targeted relief through hot, cold, contrast and compression therapies with precision and comfort.

Hot & Cold Therapy

The VITALWRAP System is a clinical therapeutic pain management and circulatory improvement system that can be used in the home to help with diabetes, arthritis, pain management, and post-op care. It's an all-in-one system that combines heat therapy and cold therapy, allowing you to reduce edema/swelling, improve blood circulation and reduce the discomforts associated with Diabetes, Arthritis, and Surgery.

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      Wraps Specifically Designed For Your Body
VitalWear / VitalWrap Hot and Cold Therapy System

The VITALWRAP System is an automatic hot/cold water therapy system that delivers instant heat and cold therapy treatments through patented Wraps.

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     Optional Wraps:

      VITALWRAP Usages
VitalWraps from VitalWear

The VITALWRAP System delivers pain relief to achy feet due to diabetic neuropathy, arthritic pain, or carpal tunnel syndrome. It is a versatile hot/cold pack that will help for both systemic pain conditions as well as part specific pain conditions (knee, back, wrist, shoulder, etc…).

     Features Include:

  • Hot or cold therapy
  • Water temperature can change from hot to cold or vice versa in 2 minutes
  • Improves blood circulation or reduces edema/swelling
  • Reduces pain & discomfort of neuropathy
  • Effective for pain relief in joints and sore muscles
  • Specifically designed Wraps for entire body
  • Uses tap water from your sink
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